Women's Centre New Plymouth Inc

supporting women in Taranaki for over 44 years

About Us 

The New Plymouth Women’s Centre is a credit to the Women of New Plymouth. It was set up in 1975 by a number of caring and perceptive women to meet the needs of women in their community.

To read a more detailed story of the Centre's beginnings contact us and arrange to borrow our copies of 'From Carparks to Caring' (1982) and 'Herstory' (1985).

In addressing the very real needs of the time the basis of what would become New Plymouth Women's Centre was formed as a 'feminist group'. It was named the Women's Action Group with the aim to create "a base for activities that would assist women achieve independence" and initially formed to encourage self expression

As communities change & evolve the services needed by that community also change. While the services we offer have changed to meet current needs our core business has remained the same. We remain committed to improving the well-being of women in our community and aim to provide support and validation to women who are distressed by events in their life.

The Centre takes a humanist approach and our initiatives are based on the philosophy that meeting people’s basic needs such as food, shelter and a sense of belonging are the starting point for self sufficiency, growth and emotional well being.

We offer a safe place for women and their children to come when they need support, information, referrals, advocacy & family support. As a first point of contact for many women, staff respond to women expressing grief, anger, fear, anxiety, depression, isolation, financial stress, abuse, loneliness, parenting challenges and homelessness.

Our service offers a non-judgmental environment for women to explore their options.Sometimes their situation will require referral to another agency. With support and advice it is possible for women to initiate simple changes that have major benefits for themselves and their families.

Staff and volunteers:

The Centre has two paid staff and two regular volunteers. The paid staff are integral to the effectiveness of the Centre and are supported by a committee. Women's Centre operated as a collective for many years but with changes in funding criteria and to better manage the Centre a management committee was formed to oversee the daily operations. 

In the past 10 years we have painted, gardened & done small scale renovations both inside and out; the result is a very welcoming and comfortable environment for all.