Women's Centre New Plymouth Inc

supporting women in Taranaki for over 44 years

Are you safe?

If you are in immediate danger CALL the POLICE on 111

If you are not in immediate danger but feel threatened or worried that abusive behaviour is going to get worse (escalate) you need to talk to someone & find out what you can do.

WOMEN'S REFUGE   phone 06 769 5533     0800 827973   www.taranakiwomensrefuge.co.nz

Women's Centre       phone 06 758 4957

New Plymouth Police  (non-emergency) phone 759 5500

Relationship Abuse is not a one-off event.
It's a cycle and usually gets worse if nothing is done to stop it.


Sexually Abusive

is when they do sexual things to you that you don't agree to

of the


Jealousy & Isolation

is when they cut you off from your friends or freak out when you talk to other people



is when they yell and shout at you, use physical violence, get into a lot of fights with other people, use violence to solve problems


Put downs

is when they put you down, call you names, make you feel stupid, make sexist comments


is when they check up on you - where you are and who you're with, threaten or force you to do things you don't want to do, don't let you make your own decisions