Women's Centre New Plymouth Inc

supporting women in Taranaki for over 44 years

What we do

We provide support and validation to women who are distressed by recent or past events in their life and offer non-judgmental advice, advocacy, referral, support and information for women and their families. While our client base has in the past been solely women we are happy to include and provide services to all members of a family where appropriate.

We have an established network of community services and health professionals so we can provide up to date contact information and referrals.

We can assist with looking for accommodation and work closely with Community Housing Action Taranaki - CHAT.

We are a drop-in Centre, no appointment is needed, or you can just phone us. The Centre has a comfortable lounge room with tea and coffee available. There is also a children's play room and a safe outdoor area. It is a great facility for women with young children to use while they are in town.

Our staff are great listeners. Often when issues are voiced to an impartial listener they don't appear so insurmountable. It may be the first time that the story has been told and often this is the first step in making positive change.

Our rooms are available for use by counsellors, therapists and other community groups.

If you have an activity or project you would like to share with others the Centre might be a great place to start. We are happy to support activities that foster the well-being of women, youth and families.